Quality roof cleaning by our team of professional Roof Cleaners

Protect and maintain the roof that protects you. As with any exterior surface exposed to the elements, there can be a build up of moss and lichen, and damage can occur over time. This could lead to costly repairs if left unattended. We offer a roof cleaning service to homes and businesses throughout Co. Kildare, Co. Dublin and Co. Meath. 

Roof Cleaning FAQs & Answers

What methods do you use for roof cleaning?

The roof will be treated with a biocide to remove the moss and algae and then deep cleaned to remove surface grime that has accumulated. After cleaning, any damaged areas can be looked at and repaired and re-pointing can be carried out if necessary.

How often should I have my roof cleaned?

This depends on factors such as your location, climate, and the type of roofing material. Generally, it’s recommended to clean your roof every 2-3 years or as needed.

Can roof cleaning remove black streaks on my roof?

Yes, black streaks are often caused by algae growth. Our roof cleaning services can effectively remove algae, moss, and other stains, restoring your roof’s appearance.

Is roof cleaning safe for my landscaping?

Yes, our team takes precautions to protect your landscaping during the cleaning process. We use eco-friendly solutions that are safe for plants and take care to minimise any potential impact.

How do I schedule a roof cleaning service?

Scheduling a roof cleaning service is easy. You can contact us through our website or by phone to discuss your needs, request a quote, and set up a convenient time for the cleaning service.

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